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If you're starting a food blog, here's some Instagram for food bloggers tips for being strategic with your account: Instagram for Food Bloggers: What should you post? Use your Instagram account to showcase only the very best of your work. Think of your Instagram feed as a micro-blog. Post mouth-watering food photos which ideally have a unique twist in style to them so people recognise them as your work. Be original 2. Know your brand. Fact: The digital space is more saturated than ever, so creating your own niche and voice is super important, says Alexa Mehraban, whose Instagram account @eatingNYC. Bei anderen Blogs, Instagramern, Magazinen etc. Planung hilft: eine Woche vorausdenken. Vielleicht hast Du ja Instagram bislang eher spielerisch genutzt. Bilder für Freunde, launige Kommentare, lange Pausen zwischen den Posts. Wenn Deine Instagram-Aktivitäten dem eigenen Food-Blog was bringen sollen, ist mehr notwendig. Drei bis fünf Mal pro Woche zu posten ist ein guter Vorsatz. Und damit Du nicht jeden Tag vor seinem Bildarchiv sitzt und grübelst, empfiehlt sich eine. For example, if you have a food blog, you can see that fellow food bloggers on Instagram use hashtags like #EasyRecipe, #FamilyDinners, #InstagramFood, #RecipeIdeas, and more. Before adding hashtags to your posts, you should check the usage of those hashtags. If the hashtag has under 1000 posts, it's unlikely that people are searching for those hashtags. You're better off using popular but relevant hashtags since they attract a big crowd As a food blogger or a marketer, it's good to know what the audience wants to see so you can create content that resonates with them. You can find trending posts from your Instagram account. Go to the search tab and select the Food category. There you'll see trending posts so you know what's popular right now

To start, head over to your profile and click on the hamburger icon in the top right corner. In the menu that follows, click on Account. Next, click Switch to Professional Account. After you will be able to select whether you want a creator account or a business account The blogger's website and Instagram page @cakesmyth are packed full of bakes you want to make RIGHT NOW. Think salted chocolate tart and gluten-free orange and almond cake. Think salted chocolate.

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Now, you'll find a medley of traditional, sweet, fusion, and Macedonian-American food on her blog and Instagram feed—all served up in style, humor, and liveliness Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pinterest, being the most visually-oriented platforms, are a typical choice for food bloggers. Collaborations with other food bloggers and influencers If you want to gain exposure in your niche, the best thing to do would be to collaborate with others in your industry

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  1. g that you stick with it and do your best. 3. Post original content
  2. Photo courtesy of Instagram The foodie side of Instagram is massive, so don't be afraid to roam and explore. Looking at popular hash tags (such as #foodie, #food, and #foodgasm) can really help you connect with your fellow foodies. You'll be able to find unique and colorful foods from all over the world
  3. Darlinghurst's hot tip: Use the torch on your iPhone to light the dish while you snap the photo. Bella says always use the square setting when taking a shot, so you can see how it frames up.
  4. I have the perfect suggestion for food blog name examples where you can choose catchy food titles from my very own food blog names list that's created especially for you. No, I've not used any 'food blog names generator' bot to pick these names, as it's manually generated by me for the best use of your food blog, and also other popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc
  5. As he started posting more, he got more such offers and started selling food on Instagram. The Better Box. Let's get to Philadelphia and see who's selling food on Instagram. Meet The Better Box twisted eggrolls! She has an Instagram following of 13.9k and her most popular offering is the General Tso's style chicken cheesesteak
  6. 1. Decide What Type of Food Blog You Want to Start: Niches tend to draw an audience more effectively than general topics, even when it comes to food. Niches to consider are gluten, carb or sugar-free, vegan, or frugal cooking. Or you can specialize in a type of food, such as chocolate or side-dishes
  7. Sometimes as a food photographer, you see people solving problems in ways you wish you had thought of—in this case, the age-old consistency issue of whether you're a dark or a light background account. Ashley 's grid is a checkerboard of both and highlights her beautiful food, recipes and resources for styling simple gatherings

There are many ways to find hashtags to use on your food posts on Instagram... but these are my two favourite (and super easy!) ways: Take note of hashtags that your fellow food bloggers are using. Have a look at the posts of popular food bloggers in your niche and make a note of the hashtags they're using. Chances are, if they have great engagement on their posts, they're using effective and popular hashtags Step 5. How to Monetize Your Food Blog. After you have added a few of your best recipes, it is time to start making money from your food blog. There are plenty of ways to monetize your food blog and start earning from your recipes. Here are some of the most effective ways to monetize your food blog. 1. Selling eBooks with Your Recipe Instagram: Lewis Howes. How to Build a Massive Following through Blogging and Instagram. Now that you've seen how some of the top bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers in the world are growing their followings on Instagram and through blogging, it's time for you to start considering the same This food blogger made $150,000 last year — and in a recent interview, she shared how she did it. Mallory, who spoke with Yahoo Food anonymously, has what any foodie would consider a dream job: She's paid to blog, Tweet, Instagram and Pin about her favorite recipes

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So if you have been confused as to what a food blog is and what food blogging entails, I hope this has cleared it up at least a little bit. For any doubts and queries, please don't hesitate to. This food blogger has the entire globe on its menu right from French onion soup to the very Indian Gobi matter masala, there is a host of recipes to try out & enjoy it with family. The blogger also has an astounding collection of vegan & vegetarian recipes. With 995k followers, she ranks no 1 in our Food Instagram Accounts list Tiffany Mitchell is a classic lifestyle blogger. She writes about her passions — styling in home, food and fashion, photography, illustration and DIY culture — in her blog Offbeat and Inspired.Tiffany lives in Nashville, but seems to always be on the move, so you will find a lot of beautiful places and spaces in her Instagram account The Top Food Bloggers Are Inspiring Future Chefs Worldwide. As of September 2017, there are more than 440 million blogs in the world. Blogs were one of the first social media platforms utilized for influencer marketing and continue to be a highly effective avenue to reach consumers. Loyal readers check blogs daily to keep up with the latest trends, and in many cases see bloggers as friends.

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Infatuation claims to be a truly authentic food blog aka an Instagram account that doesn't promote food simply because it's free. They've gained 58.8k followers after 1,344 posts expressing their unfiltered food opinions. 8. @the.xandwich. The Xandwich is dedicated to the humble sandwich in its many beautiful forms. Burger, wrap, taco, or toastie - anything goes here. This relatively. Foodblogs: Diese 5 Blogger sollte jeder Foodie kennen Rezepte im Netz Foodies aufgepasst - diese fünf Foodblogger versüßen uns den Tag Spaghetti mit frischen Tomaten und Basiliku Court food bloggers (oh so many food bloggers) We'll start things off with an ostensibly obvious hack - if you can get a food blogger with a large following to post about your restaurant , you'll get the benefit of a huge amount of brand exposure to an interested foodie audience Food; Business; DIY; Fashion; Fitness; Vegan; Wellness; Related: The Best Instagram Hashtag Finder to Grow Your Reach; Instagram Props Every Blogger Should Have; How to Start a Blog on Instagram (No Website Needed) How To Grow Your Instagram Fast And Organically; 8 Small Changes To Make To Your Instagram To Build Your Brand ; Step 2: Grow Your Instagram Account. Next step to securing brand. A successful food blog normally targets a global audience, making it important to provide both metric and imperial measurements. This plugin automatically detects units of measurement written in your posts, and it will convert them automatically when readers mouse over them. Promoting Your Blog. Starting your food blog is only the first part of the battle. You'll have to focus on providing.

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  1. For #foodies 11 on Instagram, where their food comes from and the story behind it is as important as how it photographs and tastes. Increasingly, more and more want their food to be wholesome in its nutritional content and authentic in its cultural roots. From its regional influences to its roots in nature, the conscious eater continues to shape the food choices and behaviors of people all.
  2. 25 Top Lifestyle Bloggers That Are Sharing To Millions Around The World. UPDATE February 11, 2020 — Lifestyle bloggers are known by millions across the world for their impeccable taste and their eye for all that is beautiful in the world. The most renowned lifestyle bloggers share and inspire audiences worldwide on a wide range of topics, including home, travel, family, food, fashion, and.
  3. The Instagram bio often is treated as an afterthought—a line or two about your company you hastily fill out when creating your account. In reality, your bio is valuable social media real estate that welcomes users to your profile, creates a first impression of your brand, conveys key information about your business, and turns profile visitors into followers and followers into customers
  4. before and after posting. We all know that Instagram algorithm LOVES engagement - especially within the first half an hour of publishing your posts. A lot of engagement straight away means the algorithm recognizes that post is something worth pushing up and up the feed, for more eyes to see
  5. Mit einem Food Blog kannst du deiner Leidenschaft für's Kochen und Backen ein Forum geben und womöglich sogar noch mehr davon profitieren, wenn du erfolgreich bist. Food Blogs sind dabei eine besondere Gattung von Blogs. In diesem Artikel zeige ich dir alle Besonderheiten und verrate dir, wie du einen Food Blog erstellst und Food-Blogger.

Diversifying your Instagram feed and your weekly meal rotation with inspiration and recipes from these Black food bloggers is one way to amplify Black voices on a daily basis. Ahead, you'll find bloggers with incredible comfort food recipes perfect for your next family dinner, like the Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs recipe from Butter Be Ready It is real work to become a popular food Instagram. Lighting is key. Invest in lighting, Errichetti said.It will help you find your way, as so many restaurants are dark and natural light is not always available. Errichetti uses a Savage brand LED. He can both dim the light and adjust its warmth. He said it is helpful to bring out rich earth tones present in darker foods. The more likes you. Food blogger Charlotte is here to help, with her 'best of' roundups and tailored walking tours of London that take in all the sights and hottest foodie spots. Her Instagram feed is as useful as her blog, providing a constant stream of envy-inducing food shots. Shree Mitra (@truffleandtoast Instagram Followers: 244k. Engagement Rate: 1.11%. Full-of-flavor organic food recipe pro, Niki - Rebel Recipes. Based in the U.K, you'll find Niki making plant-based organic food - which is nothing short of taste bud inspiring. She's a food consultant. Award-winning food blogger The 30 Best Instagram Food Accounts You Should Be Following From pretty pasta to artfully decorated cakes, these accounts are sure to fill your feed with inspiration. by Jesse Szewczy

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This Melbourne-based food blogger creates the most aesthetically-pleasing ingredient art for her original recipes. Her photos are the epitome of what a stylish Instagram post means these days. A name can make or break your blog. Healthy Food Blog Names. Nowadays, fortunately, people really started to appreciate healthy foods. And you can see so many healthy food blogs and healthy meal ideas online. That is both great and not so great. It is great because it means that people are really into these kinds of blogs and that your site is. You sound more than qualified to start a food blog, but I really should stress that it takes a long time to earn a substantial income from a food blog. It took me four years to leave my job and blog full-time. Definitely, you could start one now as a pastime and have fun with it, but I honestly wouldn't advise pouring valuable energy into a food blog if you are trying to make ends meet. That. If you've ever noticed that a blog post is labeled sponsored, it's typically because the blogger partnered up with a brand (i.e. Kraft, Whole Foods Market, etc.) to develop a recipe in exchange for money. Bloggers may make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000 for such jobs

Michèle ist mit Leib und Seele Fotografin und Instagram verfallen. Als Bloggerin und Veranstalterin von InstaWalks kennt sie sich mit Instagram perfekt aus und ich freue mich sehr sie als Gastautorin an Bord zu haben. Liebe Michèle, vielen Dank für deinen Artikel! Ganz ehrlich, ich habe Instagram unterschätzt. Angemeldet habe ich mich auf dem Foto-Netzwerk im Dezember 2012. Ich habe ein. At the age of 25, Ella Mills has nearly a million Instagram followers and a blog that has over 100 million hits since its launch in 2012. She operates two delis and a festive food pop-up in London, has her own brand of snacks in retailers like Waitrose and Starbucks, and a number one food and drink app. If that wasn't enough, she is about to.

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Zhao explains that colorful food with layers of color and ingredients do well on Instagram, as color denotes freshness and gives the appearance of healthiness. Toastea created specific menu items, like the Link Latte originally made for the comic-centric E3 Expo in 2017, to make them more photogenic, she says. At the base of it, it's After creating a small food blog for fun, Katie Higgins quickly became the #1 source for healthy desserts and healthy comfort food recipes. Gaining up to 8 million viewers each month on her blog, Higgins became a popular vegan influencer that was featured by Time, The Food Network, and more. The Huffington Post even selected her as one of their best Healthy Food Instagram accounts to follow.

1. Use the right hashtags. Your goal on Instagram is to engage your current audience on a regular basis while also growing your number of real followers. Posting new, interesting, and engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but to begin growing you'll find hashtagging your photos extremely important Boost your foodporn pics on Instagram with the most popular food hashtags 2. Healthy Food Hashtags. These hashtags are great for reaching those who are looking for yummy inspiration to spice up their diet, boost their clean eating regime, or smuggle in those veggies without the kids noticing Food is really OG Instagram, Hernandez said. When we think back to the early days of Instagram, food was one of the original popular interest areas on the platform. In those early days. Source: @blogger on Instagram. The easiest way to find your special character is to open a new Google Doc, then click Insert and choose Special characters. Source: Google Docs . You can scroll through the available options, search by keyword, or even draw a shape to find a similar character. Then, just copy and paste into your Instagram bio. 11. Add a category. If you have a business profile. Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What reveals the business of bloggers being paid by brands to feature their products on Instagram

Writing a good Instagram bio might seem straightforward, but it actually requires some strategy and creativity. According to researchers, within the first 7 seconds of meeting you, people will have a solid impression of who you are — and it can be even shorter online.. So, if you're using Instagram for Business, you'll want to make a good first impression with your Instagram bio, and use. Fashion blogs have been around since the early 2000s, but today, blogging is a whole new ball game. While fashion blogs are at an all-time high, we can't argue against the fact that social media platforms like Instagram remain the single largest forum to redirect traffic towards fashion blogs. But we are not complaining, because that's made. The last link takes you directly to the latest blog post. My Instagram profile bio consists of who I am, what I do, where I'm going next and a clear call-to-action to follow on Facebook. Straight away you will be able to identify what type of content I would likely post. This is exactly what you need to do so your targeted audience have an actual reason to follow you. You also get one.

They hope to share what they've learned with other food bloggers here on Food Blogger Pro. Bjork is a terrible chef. Lindsay Ostrom. Mrs. Capitán Lindsay is a former elementary school teacher turned full-time food blogger. She publishes content and engages with readers on her blog Pinch of Yum, and she and Bjork use their insights as a case study to teach the Food Blogger Pro community about. Professional social media services generally post educational content with links to videos, blogs and other platforms. The initial post spikes Instagram followers' interest then leads them to other forms of content. According to howsociable.com the best time to post on Instagram for professional services is in the early morning because statistics show people prefer consuming this content. 7. @whiskaffairWhy it's worth a follow: This Bangalore-based food and lifestyle blogger's Instagram account is 50% food, 50% travel and 100% beautiful. Picture-perfect lighting, scrumptious food + coolers and a sweet, playful attitude Your Instagram feed can also be a journal of your photography or an opportunity to show what goes on behind the scenes. Give followers an insight—or teaser—into your shoots or capture important life moments and interesting day-to-day scenes

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10 Sydney Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram 20/11/2019 25/05/2018 Whether you live in Sydney and are looking for new places to eat or planning a trip to an unfamiliar city, following some good local Sydney food bloggers on Instagram can be a great way to discover new places to eat and drink Good Food Make Happy! Selecting a brand name or Instagram name is crucial. Because you are looking for some words that can make you a fortune.This article about Food Instagram Name Ideas that help you to start up your new business venture.READ now and select your brand name before someone TAKE IT

From plant-based bloggers to meal-prepping foodies, give these Black chefs, culinary stars, and influencers an Instagram follow for new recipe inspiration Think all food bloggers do it cook and take pretty pictures? It's a lot more complicated than that. And if done right, food blogging can be a full-time job that pays well - really well A day in the life of a food blogger . Blogging is an incredibly varied job and so consequently every day is different. I mentioned in my post last Saturday that I try and theme my days to make sure each day has a focus and I get everything done. Monday is about writing and editing my recipes, Tuesday and Thursday are about promoting my posts on social media and blogger linkups, Wednesdays are. Instagram has influenced the food industry, so it's a perfect place for food bloggers, restaurants, and chefs to attract new fans. Take a look at Melissa Hie's Instagram profile. With a love for eating and traveling, she runs her food & travel blog that has 384k followers on Instagram: Source: @girleatworld on Instagram. When it comes to Instagram, we take photos of our delicious dishes.

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There's no harm in seeing if a blogger with a much larger Instagram account (we're talking like thousands more) would be interested in collaborating with you, but it may be more difficult to work out a collaboration with them. ACTION ITEM. Back to that list of bloggers you would like to collaborate with — who has a closer following to you. Remember to keep it within the 10K range of your own. As such, Instagram has become a hub for micro-influencers — social media influencers and creators with more than 10,000 followers but less than 50,000. The effectiveness of influencer marketing has prompted brands to partner with instagram micro-influencers, who are often viewed as a way to reach smaller and niche audiences

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Some food bloggers have gotten a bad rap for doing that standing-on-a-chair move to get overhead shots in public places, but Balisi said she tries to walk the line between being respectful of those around her and doing her job. It seems to have worked because she has amassed more than 350,000 followers on Instagram. Natural light is every foodie's friend, but Balisi admits that stepping. This article goes into the details of how to start a food blog. You will want to have your basic blog set up before reading this article. For the basics of creating a new blog of any kind (including a food blog), check out my free blogging tutorial first, and then come back to this article later. If you have a passion for cooking or exploring new culinary venues, food blogging can turn out to. Raleigh, North Carolina, United States About Blog The Recipe Critic is a delicious food blog with tried and true family tested and approved recipes. Browse hundreds of simple recipes. Frequency 1 post / day Blog therecipecritic.com Facebook fans 4.3M ⋅ Twitter followers 4.2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 137.4K ⋅ Social Engagement 4.1K ⓘ ⋅ Domain Authority 66 ⓘ ⋅ Alexa Rank 3K ⓘ View.


Seven Hamilton food bloggers you should follow on Instagram. By Diane Galambos Contributing Columnist. Tue., Jan. 26, 2021 timer 4 min. read. You may be grumpy about social media. You may not miss. Four Burlington-based food bloggers to follow on Instagram and more. By Diane Galambos Contributing Columnist. Tue., Feb. 2, 2021 timer 4 min. read. Eater, a digital source for restaurant news. Eating Bird Food is one of the more creative healthy food blogs out there, and its Instagram account is no different. On it, creator of the blog, Brittany Mullins, chronicles her fitness. Before Instagram, the only way you'd see what a restaurant's food looked like would be by looking at their own photos, or if they had them printed on menus - I know, the horror - but now it's.

Image Credit: Instagram/ Resort. 4. Create A Brand On Instagram: To become a travel inspiration, digital branding is the way to go. Through the creative, innovative, and travel inspirational. ← Back to Blog How to Use Instagram's Food Ordering Tool to Help Your Restaurant's Sales July 20th, 2020 Restaurant Tech Written by Eliza Fisher. With the immense stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on the restaurant industry, many businesses and communities have been quick to offer new solutions to help ease the pain. Given that most restaurants around the nation have had to close. Top Food Influencers on Instagram Who Can Help Grow Your Brand. Here's a list of the top 15 food influencers on Instagram who you can collaborate with. =====X===== Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links.If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you

Blog The best advice and inspiration to launch and grow your business. But he also created an information product based on his years of experience taking pictures of food for Instagram. It intersects with his niche, and allows him to generate another type of revenue from his Instagram feed. This model of combining IG promo to sell info products works for a ton of different niches. Here are. Food — What I Eat in a Day videos are extremely popular. As you might guess, this type of video involves showing your food preparation and final product for a day. Activities — If you don't have particularly eventful days, vlogging when you do something exciting (e.g., go hiking) is a feasible outlet. Beauty — Many vloggers have makeup- or cosmetics-based sections of their videos. If. 15 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately. They will make you the hungriest you've ever been. By Veronica Lopez. Aug 5, 2015 Admit it: You are 100 percent guilty of Instagramming a. If her Instagram account just isn't enough, head to her blog Foodie in New York. She'll have you firing up your stand mixer in no time. She'll have you firing up your stand mixer in no time. 46. 5. Food. Food bloggers can be incredibly profitable (up to 7-figure), but the monetization strategy isn't very diversified. Most food bloggers need a lot of traffic to make good money, and their income is based mostly on advertising revenues. It's quite difficult to make a lot of money with affiliate sales (how many of you bought a pan.

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Instead, there are fun, irreverent Instagram food circles, all funfetti and ice-cream sandwiches, and - in a twist that is so very 2016 that it makes my soul scream - flamingo pool float. NOTE: This blog post is part 17 of my INSTAGRAM SERIES - content all about helping YOU manage your way around instagram. In the INSTAGRAM SERIES I've touched on subjects such as why am I losing followers on instagram , how instagram is trying to get rid of (food) bloggers and how to get paid influencer work on instagram

Instagram Bio Idea 6: Show Them The Highlight Reel. We understanding sharing your story in 150 characters can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, Instagram Stories Highlights allows you to dive a little deeper. You can save your best Instagram Stories to appear as Highlights beneath your Instagram bio. Think of Highlights like an ad for your. The blog's name comes from the fact that Jeanine loves seasonal food, often finished off with a squeeze of lemon. Most of the recipes on the site are vegetarian. The blog was founded in 2011 and has been recognized by prestigious food magazines like Food & Wine, Food52, Refinery29, SELF Magazine, and Oprah Magazine. It was named Readers. By hiring a food blog virtual assistant (that would be me!), you can focus your time on the best parts of those high-value activities and leave the rest to me. That means no more full days spent answering emails, providing tech support to ebook and course customers, pinning new posts, embedding Amazon affiliate links Social Media Marketing. Pinterest marketing, Facebook and Instagram.

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Italian food is the ultimate comfort food, so any picture, good or bad, will elicit an emotional response tell us Jim Mumford, a food blogger who regularly features Italian cuisine. Moreover, Italian food often involves dramatic colors that pop, like reds and greens. These colors are easier to enhance with filters too, making the contrast even. Interview someone - a local chef, a local restauranteur, your favorite food blogger, your grandma (the best chefs, let's face it) 11. Talk about your favorite, healthy foods, and the benefits of those foods. 12. Share a recipe, but also share any failures you faced during the experimentation period - people love to see that you are human! 13. Talk about different fast food joints, and. Whether you're in desperate need of a vacation to escape the winter blues or simply a jet-setter at heart, consider these must-follow Instagram accounts the best eye candy for your wanderlust Food is the weakness of Indian citizens. They cannot control their mouths when they think of yummy dishes. This is why following these food bloggers will make your life a little easier Instagram feed: @acozykitchen Los Angeles food blogger and cookbook author Adrianna Adarme, combines a passion for food and photography to delicious effect on her Instagram feed, A Cozy Kitchen

David runs a food blog on Instagram where he inspires to cook and eat healthy simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruits, and vegetables. He has nearly 400k followers. 52 - Rachel Paul @collegenutritionist - 393k followers. Rachel Paul, Ph.D. RD is one of the top food influencers and a nationally recognized nutritionist who helps college students and. Topics on food recall, conversations about the importance of an active lifestyle for teens, etc. can be discovered at this blog. Physicians Committee . This blog was created by a physician who specializes in nutrition and preventive medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard. At physicianscommittee, you'll find out more about the role that food plays in preventing diseases. Besides, the information is. Meanwhile, the food bloggers were more likely than the average tweeter to have an interest in travel, photography, video, beauty, health, fitness and books (as well as food, obviously). Here's a look at the top five most influential food bloggers on our list. Please note that Audiences is not updated instantly so some follower/tweet counts may be slightly different on their live page. Top.

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Too many food blogs put personal anecdotes in the wrong places, and in the wrong amounts. Typically, this is done to fatten up the word count, or add paragraphs for their ad network to insert more ads into. These blogs won't be penalized for this in the future, but they will lose ranking as more relevant websites replace them. Adding content isn't bad, in fact, it's great - if you do it right. There are some Instagram profiles where you want to see new content as soon as possible—it can be a news page or your favorite food blogger. Here's how to get notifications for new Instagram posts, Stories, IGTV, and Live While your normal Instagram posts are a great way to show off the best images of your food, interiors, team, etc., the fleeting nature of Stories makes them ideal for sharing more off-the-cuff glimpses into your business. They can be a great opportunity to give your followers behind-the-scenes access to real-time footage from a special event or a look inside the kitchen. They can also be a. No. 2 - Food. Last year still in third place, the food category is now the second most represented. Instagram users cannot seem to get enough of the more or less creative photographs and video montages of food preparation, display and consumption. There are hashtags for just about every dish and food, every diet and every food trend. #bonappeti Instagram marketing is essential to ecommerce businesses.. Not using Instagram to promote your products would be like a carpenter deciding wood saws just aren't that useful. Crazy.. Especially when you consider that more than 500 million Instagram users use the platform daily and 50% of them follow at least one business.. Plus, Instagram is hell-bent on moving deeper into ecommerce

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